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Stem Challenges

  • Rollercoaster: Design a rollercoaster with construction paper and other materials you find around the house. Try and make your rollercoaster as sturdy as possible. Use a marble or something similar as your person. See how much weight your rollercoaster can hold and what things make it faster.

  • Toothpick and Marshmallow Structures: Use toothpicks and marshmallows (small balls of Play-Doh will work too)  to build different structures of all shapes and sizes. Which shapes and sizes make the sturdiest structure?

  • Catapult: Make a catapult and customize it. Click here to get some directions.

  • Paper Airplanes: Make a few paper airplanes and see what aspects make the airplane go farther, turn more, etc. Click here to see a bunch of different ways to make paper airplanes.

  • Balloon Rocket: This is a quick and simple project. All you need are a balloon, tape, a straw, and some string. Click here for directions on what to do. When you get one up and running, play around with the length of the straw or the angle of the string. What things make it faster?

  • Bridge Making: Use popsicle sticks to make one or more bridges that you think will be able to hold the most weight. Pay attention to what things make bridges stronger and how engineers think about those things when they are building real bridges. Click here for an excellent video that describes what makes bridges strong!

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