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Getting Started

The best way to learn is to experiment and be curious. Let's get started:  

  • Software: Once you purchase a kit, download the software of either the WeDo or EV3 on your laptop or computer.  If you are using an iPad, make sure you have the LEGO education programmer app.

  • Experiment: What fits together?  Remember the axle? Try putting an axle in one of the motors. What would happen if the motor started to spin?  What would happen to the axle? The axle would start to spin too! How is this useful? What would happen if you put a wheel on the spinning axle?  The wheel and axle is one of what are called “simple machines.” This is one part of eventually building a moving base.

Continue to experiment with each piece and see what they do. Think about how they can contribute to a larger robot. 


Wheel and Axle

KEY takeaways:

  • Download software or app on Laptop or iPad

  • Playing around with pieces will give you a better understanding of how things work​​

  • Examine pieces and try to think about what they could be used for in a larger project

  • Wheel and axle is one type of simple machine 

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