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Benefits of robotics

What I got from robotics:

As a parent, you may be struggling to figure out what extracurriculars to get your children involved in and which extracurriculars will be the best for your child in the long run. You may be asking yourself, why Robotics?   

Q: What skills do you need for robotics?  


A: Surprisingly, robotics involves many different aspects that cater to anyone's interest - there really is something for everyone and each role is crucial for the team’s success.  There is building, programming, business and marketing, community outreach and so much more. Because of the different roles, robotics attracts students with all different interests to form a diverse team. Your child will be able to pursue their own interests while being exposed to things outside their comfort zone.

Q: What has robotics taught me? 


A: Similar to sports, Robotics requires  teamwork..... and lots of it. It teaches you to work well with others. As a part of the robotics team, I have been in the middle of a lot of disagreements over everything from the build design of our robot to what types of sweatshirts we should put our team logos on, so I had to learn to develop my ability to compromise and find resolutions to problems that might come up. This proved helpful not just in robotics, but in many other instances, such as getting paired up with a difficult partner for a project in class.

Another huge benefit that I gained from robotics was leadership skills. I teach many classes to younger children and I coach two FLL teams, so naturally I had to learn how to take charge. These leadership skills that I developed, like the collaboration skills, have been beneficial to me in all aspects of my life. 

What parents have seen their children get from robotics: (coming soon, in interview with real moms and dads)

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